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miRNA therapeutics for cancer

One of the fastest moving fields in today's biomedical research concerns small non-coding RNAs in general and microRNA (miRNA) in particular. As insights into the role of these RNA species in health and disease are emerging at high speed, so are the opportunities for developing new diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic applications.

InteRNA Technologies is a Dutch drug discovery and development company engaged in the development of novel breakthrough cancer therapies based on the unique functions of its proprietary miRNAs.

Previously undrugable targets now targetable

miRNAs provide a natural form of transcriptional interference, repressing protein function. In contrast to small molecules and biologics (like antibodies and siRNA), that hit just one single target, miRNAs can exert a "pleiotropic effect" as 1 miRNA regulates many targets in a network/pathway. As such, miRNAs represent a new class of drugs with a new mode of action. This unique pleiotropic feature of miRNAs allows for targeting of previously undrugable targets, and to increase the sensitivity and/ or decrease the resistance (development) to current drugs on the market.

With cancer becoming a chronic disease, resistance development is a huge problem in today's practice of cancer patient treatment. Although for some recently approved cancer drugs response rates are high, their therapeutic effect is only short lived.

And based on the fact that cancer is a multifactorial disease, miRNA therapeutics, through their new mode of action, provide the opportunity to address the high medical need in diverse cancer indications.

InteRNA well equipped to move quickly towards the clinic

InteRNA's drug development programs aim at developing miRNA-based therapeutics that control genes connected in signal transduction pathways and biological processes that are known to play a role in cancer initiation, progression and metastasis.

InteRNA identified the function of multiple miRNAs in a number of cancer indications through functional screens, using its proprietary lentiviral-based miRNA expression library, which is the largest currently available.

With the Company's proprietary miRNA expression database (generated through deep sequencing) and additional technologies (like RNAseq, PAR-CLIP, bioinformatics, in vivo models) in place to identify the downstream regulated proteins for each miRNA drug candidate, the Company is well equipped to move its novel drug candidates with their biomarkers quickly towards the clinic.


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